Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi there my beloved family!!

Well, I am beyond furious in this moment. The "good" internet cafe won't allow me to attach files (photos) to my email. I am going to ask the other elders where they go. They keep trying to avoid telling us, but I will force them. You guys deserve pictures and I've spent almost half my internet time trying to attach some pics for you all.
   On a happier note, this past week was one of the best that I've had here! We've been able to get in more study time (The Lord has truly provided that for us), and We had another baptism! Do you all remember C? Well, 2 days ago, I baptized her sister, H! It was a very powerful experience for her  and her family. We sat with the family to teach them a few of the commandments on the day of her baptism. At the end of the lesson, we had a small testimony meeting, in which they were promised that if they chose, they could all be baptized on the date that we gave them. At least 2 more of her sisters will be baptised on the 16 of June as well. Their family will all be baptized in the near future, and I hope to hear about their eventual temple visit!!!
   Also, we were able to teach some very powerful lessons this past week. I was able to see the Spirit working within them, and many of them are making and keeping commitments that they wouldn't have before. The progression is starting to happen, and very fast at that!!!
   Things at our house are still very fun. A few of us have been very VERY sick lately (no not me), and I felt really bad for them. However, we continue to have a TON of fun at nights and on Pdays. Elder Walker (not my companion) and I climbed up on top of our chapel roof yesterday, (ALL of our appointments dropped... both areas. crazy) and we found that our neighbors had long ago left a ton of garbage (roofing, beer bottles, etc) on the top. We spent all evening cleaning it up, and we have plans to go up on top and sit up their at night or on Pdays just playing chess and drinking juice. (It is safe up there mamma. :) )
   I hope that you are all enjoying life at home. I'm going to try very hard to get you some pictures. Até mais!!

Elder Alex Hobbs

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