Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28, 2012


   Wow, you guys must have had a School´s out for Summer Johnson party! It looked like you are all having a lot of fun and are enjoying the warm weather! I myself am enjoying the cool weather. The dry season is the coolest during the year, and it has been over cast for like 3 days. Awesome!
   New car? Probably a good idea. I noticed that the mileage wasn't all that great. But the new one looks like it will be a good car to have around and to get around cheap! Yes dad, I pulled out 50 dollars for a few things. No worries there.
   Now, for the good stuff: The safari was great! I could have had a ton of fun WITHOUT the animals. The African landscape was just surreal and unbelievable! I got great shots of giraffe, zebra, elephant, African deer things, and the landscape... but you can't see them until next week. :( Our usual cyber cafe was down for repairs, and the one that I'm in has anti-hardware, so I can't upload anything. SAD! (I may or may not have fed a monkey one time... no lice though)
   The next item of business: WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! M finally got baptized. I got in that font with him, and he was baptized and confirmed a member of the church this past Saturday and Sunday. It was just awesome. He really worked hard and deserves to enjoy the blessings of the church. He was ready!
   The branch had a "night of song and dace". We got to see our branch president and his wife sing, all the members that were there got up and danced, and the whole night was just a lot of fun (we only got to go because our appointments dropped)! I absolutely loved it! The turnout was very small, and it wasn't anything big, but it reminded me of ward activities at home. I miss them a lot.
   I'm excited to hear from you all. Tell Chris, Summer, Jakers, and the new girl thanks for the email, and that the ACDC cup is still safely here. Also, we put up a picture of Micheal Jackson that we bought on the street for 50kw above our sink because we were having a hard time doing our dishes. It has improved dish cleaning. A lot.
   I miss you I miss you I miss you! I promise BUÉ dos photos next week. (Slang for a crap ton) :)

-Elder Alex Hobbs

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