Sunday, May 13, 2012

Por minha família,
   Things have been going great since I last wrote you guys! (no, still no house. You can read about our failure at   also, there's a lot of pics of the people I'm spending my mission with!) But, other than that, I feel great! Fast Sunday was awesome. I paid the first fast offering of my life to the Cassequel branch. 1500 kws!!! That was really cool. Also, the whole day was just plain old spiritual.
   When it comes to investigators, it might take a few weeks, but I think that we'll be seeing the fruit of our labors soon. Our investigators have all started making some very big leaps and bounds. We had one who we had been teaching since before I got here who finally agreed to get married (the process is difficult here), D. agreed to fast today to quit smoking, and we had some investigators come to church for the first time.
   So do you guys remember C? She is quickly becoming the coolest person ever. She has 9 brothers and sisters. Currently, one of her sisters, H, will be baptized in June. Yesterday, C brought 5 of her sisters to church!!! Along with that, we've had lessons with her whole family, and the all have a Book of Mormon that she helps them all read. C is like a super genetically enhanced radioactive spider seed that we "planted". She is also helping another set of Elders fellowship one of their investigators!!! The Lord prepared her and her family, that is certain!
   Alright, mothers day: I'm not sure when your guys' church is, but I'll be on at 16h30 Angola time, so you'll get on at 9:30 Mountain time (I found out it's only a 7h difference because of dalight savings). I've copied down your username, so we'll see how it works. I've never used Skype, but the Walton's know how to use it, so we should be alright.
   I've been eating better. Mostly because I've started to actually spend my money. We get $600 per month, so I can buy grapes at $10 a kilogram! Plus, I buy juice pretty much everday. The juice here is soooooo much better than American juice. I'm not sure why. I've been eating good meat and cheese sandwiches, we found peanut butter for protein (hallelujah). And, our relief society is starting to feed us again!!! (let me know if I told you about that story. It's pretty funny) Also, we found Reeses' puffs and cinnimon toast crunch at a gas station. We will be returning to make a bulk buy today (it's authorized because it's actually cheaper than the other cereals that we usually buy.)
   Life in Angola is very neat guys. I need to take some pictures to show you what it's like here. Some things are super cheap, others insanely expensivo!! But the country truly is beautiful. It embodies Africa in it's own strange way. The people are just absolutely funny! (and racist, haha). Random fact: I'm going to try to find a book and learn Kimbundu.
   I love you guys. A. LOT. I miss you more than you know, and Mother's day will be SICK!!!
Muito de amor para vocês. Continua a ser último, e também, lembram-se sobre nosso Salvador para sempre, porque Ele é todo poderoso. ç.
 -Elder Alex Hobbs

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