Monday, January 23, 2012

Third Week in the MTC

O MTC e muito ben! Eu sou fazer ben. Eu amo voces muito mais!!!! Eu nao receber sua [letter], so eu sou pouco [confused] sobre [it]. I don't think I can print it, but I have actually filled that form out before, it should be scanned on the computer, and a hard copy somewhere in the drawers. That was the first letter I got from Sister Walton. BY THE WAY: Sister Walton's niece, sister Walton, is here at the MTC with us all. She says that the mission there is very nice from what she's heard from her uncle in Angola. I am so happy that you are all doing well. Your cookies are very good, and I eat waaay to many of them. We have a microwave here, so if you want to save some cash or time with the next package, popcorn or other microwaveables are great! I've come to find that I need a shoehorn to keep my shoes in good repair. Sorry for sounding needy, but I've just been trying to save as much money for Angola as I can. I only use the six dollars a week on my card as well as some other money I have left over from NY that they gave me to spend. My companions are very impulsive buyers, and I'm very thankful that you taught me how to not waste my money on silly things like pens I already have, an unneeded pocket protector, or any of the other cool, yet useless things that the stores try to sell you. I should have pictures on the way soon. I haven't been able to print them yet, but I'm going to the copy center today to print them. If they dont do it in the center, I'll have to wait a few days for a machine to do it. I'm happy that IF is still the same happy place it was when I left.
Portugues is a beautiful language. I testify to you that the gift of tongues, along with many other gifts from O Espirtito Santo e O Pai Celestial e Jesus Cristo SEM REAL. The spirit has taught me many things here. I hope to return to you all much wiser than I was before. I miss you all very much, and I hung up Luxana's pictures in our classroom. We had to 'amp up' our room because we were stuck with little folding desk-chairs. We stole tables and chairs from other rooms that weren't being used.... except the chairs. We took those because the Elders speaking Espaniol aren't as cool as us. XD I love you all. Tchao!
P.S. My companions say to send my gloves... I say don't ;)

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