Monday, January 16, 2012

Second Week in MTC; Everyone send letters

Oi, meu familia! O MTC ser muito ben! I've been doing well also. It's nice to hear from all of you. I cannot express how much I love you all. Homesickness has reared its ugly head every now and then, but nothing that overcomes O Espirto Santo. I've been learning a lot. Portugues is coming so well thanks to the gift of tounges (p.s. tell Weston not to worry, because the losers who speak Espanol can't understand us either...), but I've also been learning how to teach. We've had the opportunity to teach an "investigator" (a teacher who role plays a real person from their mission.) Her name was Lisa. She took our lessons and felt the spirit very quietly. Though it took her time to build faith, she accepted baptism in the end. Now, she's our teacher rather than our investigator, and we have a new "investigator" named Neilton. We met him on the "street" and he agreed to let us talk to him. The practice is fun, but it is also hard because all of our teachers (both while teaching and pretending to investigate) only speak in Portugues with very VERY minimal Ingles so that we can pick it up by ear. I'm sorry about my car. I never noticed anything too strange about the battery. Every now and then, it would be hard for the engine to start, but only on very cold days. :( Tell Weston that he just needs to feed the fish once a day (only a pinch is necessary), and clean their tank out with the filter tube thingy in my bedside table (unless you moved it haha). The food is good, I'm pretty sure it comes from the same supplier as EIRMC's, but they cook it better here (Don't tell Dave and Helen that 0.o) My companions' names are Elder Matt McAllister and (we had a missionary in our district leave to Brasil last Tuesday, so we formed a tripanionship) Elder Tanner Curtis. They both hail from Utah, and refuse to accept my Hypster background, haha. Tell Aunt Joanne thanks for her Dear Elder that she sent me, it was very nice to get mail, and I miss all of them as well. I got my watch, so that's good. I head out for New York tommorrow, as you probably know from the letter I sent you before. I'm very excited. :D The lessons and devotionals here are awesome, and last Tuesday, we got to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson. It was the first time I've seen an apostle in person. And it was cool. But... his talk was kind of boring. haha. It was very deep doctrine, and he told us he was directing it more for the new MTC branch presidents that were coming in for Orientation that day. My district is very funny, our zone leaders told us that we were the coolest one, mostly because we do cool stuff like make lightsaber pictures, draw awsome pics of people, and I can rave. (We found a laser pointer/flashlight, and some light up fans from the free box.) All of my district and my zone leaders want me to have you send my gloves. haha. Don't do that though, because I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to. haha. Tell Aunt Taunia that the tie she gave me always catches eyes and bids of two or more ties at the Tie Bazaar we hold at our residency, but I never tade it. :) Send me lots of letters and dear Elders, cuz It always brightens my day! Tell friends and family to do it too.I love you so very much, each and every one of you. I pray for you all the time, and miss you. Tell Owen that there was a big shudder in our residency when we heard the Broncos lost, and it brought many woes, and weepings and wailings, and gnashing of teeth. >:( Tell Luxana I love her very much as well. See you all soon,

Elder Alex Hobbs

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