Monday, January 30, 2012

Fourth Week in the MTC

January 26, 2012
Ola to everyone in good 'ole IF town!
Tell everyone thanks for their support. I got some dear Elders from Aunt Joanne and Aunt Jill, which were very good. Sam will be home soon right? It sounds like he really enjoys his mission, and has had great success.

Things here are great. I got your oreo package, and we're having an oreo party tonight. My district is great.

Well, here's some pictures for y'all. I'll send an SD card once I record some sounds.

Today was the first day I did "SYL", which is "speak your language". In SYL, you only speak your mission language for a certain amount of time.  I was amazed as I was able to speak basic Portugues so well. Gift of tongues...I recommend it!

What year was the pumpkin truck that we used to have? Elder Chandler and Elder McAllister are big into cars and were curious about it.

How are my brothers and sister? Are they all having fun reading their scriptures and coloring and winning COD3SCII? How are you and Mom and Dad? Crosswalk and EIRMC are still good? Let me tell you, I miss the IF temple after going through the one here. It's beautiful of course, but the IF temple is a little more special to me:) Don't take Idaho beauty for granted. The air here in Provo is dry and kind of dirty. My nose clogs up a lot but it's no real problem. I just never fully appreciated how awesome IF is. it:)

I can't wait to get out and teach real people. Did I tell you about the old lady we met in NY? Let me know in email, and I'll tell it to you if I forgot.

I love you all. You are all so special. Remember Christ's love for you. It is what makes missionary work work. We have two "investigators" (our teachers acting like real people they know). One is Neilton, who has had missionary discussions for 35 years. When we taught him, he accepted baptism. Then he started having "problems" with his wife. He prayed with her in faith, and now we're just explaining the commandments to him. Also, we have Maria. We "found her drunk in the street". The next morning, she took our lesson despite not remembering us. As of now, she's 1 day sober, and is going to try very hard to quit coffee. Though they're our teachers, I really that we're helping them, because it will be real in Angola.

I love you all.  Till the next letter...
Elder Alex Hobbs

Ola minhe familia,
Thank you for your letters and emails.  I'm doing well, but I feel I need a few things. I think I should get a really cheap watch.

MTC life is still good. My District is fun, and Portugese is just as beautiful as the sisters here:)

I love you with all my heart or as they say in Angola: Eu amo voces com tudo meu coracao.

Elder Alex Hobbs

PS. Let me know if you got my NY postcard... that was all I bought while I was there.
                                                                                          January 30, 2012

Hi mom! This email is a response to your other email. I'll send my driver's license number with my next letter. I would send it in this email, but I don't have my license with me :0. How are things at home? I hear that my driving record has a new shadow over it.... hahaha just kidding. I loved your package that you sent. I still have 2 1/2 boxes of oreos left. People don't eat them too quickly just because milk in the vending machine gets used up pretty fast. The neurosleeps have been very nice for the days that we have to wake up early. Thank you so much for that. I have pictures currently en route to you guys. I hope you enjoy them. Next time, I might send an SD card with some videos on it. XD. I hope Idaho Falls is great for you all.
   The MTC is very nice. I'm learning a lot of patience with my companions. They are good people, but they do not understand me and believe in very strange things like: having the alarm go off at 6 in the morning so that they can hit the snooze button until 6 30. Apparently, it helps you appreciate sleep more by recreating the feeling that you get when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you don't have to get up. They'll probably learn that they are the only people in the world that believe that once they get into the feild. :/ However, I learn patience and love for them each day as I study the life of Christ in Pregar meu Evangelho e as escrituras e Jesus o Cristo. :) You can probably tell that I LOVE Portugues. The language is very beautiful. I cannot wait to learn the African Accent to it. There is great confusion weather it will be closer to the Brazilian accent or the Continental one. I'm trying to learn continental for now. My teachers are very nice people, and they teach so well! (Even if we can't understand them because they're speaking in Portugues) As for the mail contest, we kind of stopped keeping track of it because our district leader gets a letter everyday from his girlfriend, and a package every other day from her or his family. He pretty much has a cellar in his closet full of food. :O I love you all so much. I pray for you. I promise that in the Book of Mormon, which holds the fullness of the gospel, there is an answer to every need. I've come to learn that for myself by finding answers to our "investigators."
I'm very excited for tommorrow's devotional. They've all been very good lately.
 Tell Weston that I'm 95% sure of this: Monzie is coming tommorrow. He'll know what you mean. ;)
I hope you all are always as happy as I am. There is never a day wasted here, and time seems to speed up. It's very weird. I love you all. Eu vou amo voces sempre. Deus vai abençoar mim, e tambem voces.
Elder Alex Hobbs

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