Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going to New York

Ola minha familiha,
Como voce esta?  Eu esta muito bem?  I usually only get to write you guys on P-day, but I wanted to let you all know that on Tuesday the 17th, I will be getting on a plane to New York to do some fingerprinting and receive my visa to Angola at the Angolan consulate.  I'll be back in Utah to the MTC on Thursday and I will still leave to Angola on March 5th.

I get to ride an airplane and a subway, all in 24 hours.  I just thought you would want to know.

So how is life at home?  I suppose Weston and Owen still stink at Xbox.  Things here are great Portugese (though I am too lazy to write to you in it) is coming along well.

Anything new in IF town?  I've been talking to some people in my graduating class like Matt Gooch (you don't know him), Calvin Gibbons, and Sam Horman!  We have a gang sign for Idaho Falls and tell everyone that Speedi-Mart is the best gas station ever.  We also are the best at 4-square.

I miss you all.  I got the watch so don't worry about that anymore.  Just make sure to write me, send Dear Elders, and email me.

I love you all,

PS  Dad, please tell Helen from work that "the answer in Portugese is: 'Estamos a transformar a experiencia do doente'". 
PPS Mom, I am flying with 3 other Elders also going to Angola...so don't worry about me :)
PPPS Mom, Tell Luxana I say: "Voce e belo princesa!"

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