Monday, February 20, 2012

Fifth Week in the MTC

Ola minha familia!
I hope that you're all enjoying life in Idaho! Tell Owen that the only nerds in this world are the ones who bury their talents and don't use the rewards for theirs and other's benefits. That is amazing that Owen one the contest! Tell him that the most money I ever won for scholarships was a 15$ check in middle school. He just out-wrote me by about 985$! Also tell him that because he is very good at athletics, there is no way in the world that people will look at him as a nerd. Plus: BOOM!!! No money fo' the pats!!! NYG's: not my favorite, but better than the pats.
As for Weston, tell him that my fish are unnamed (so you have free reign there) the Suzuki's name is Jess, and that Meg's name is Meg. :)
I'm glad you've all gotten your valentine's gifts. 

 Então, eu vou continuar meu carte,
 Mom, your packages are greatly appreciated. Although there is a lot more food than my district eats, we have been able to eat everything before expiration so far. However, just because there is more than we can eat does not mean that it has not found use. Ive sold one bag of popcorn for a dollar, and I have also used some food (not all or too much. I love your food. plus, i donºt sell your awesome homemade stuff) to obtain ties for the upcoming tie bazaar. I plan to get a bunch of ties and cash them all in for green ones before I leave. Therefore, all your packages have greatly benefited me in one way or another. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! Eu amo vocês com muito amor.
Our branch is losing 19 people tommorrow. We will have no sisters in our branch, and although we are getting 4 new missionaries who are called to the Mozambique Maputo mission (I donºt yet know if their going to Angola), weºll only have a total of 12 in our branch.
Iºm sorry I havenºt sent you guys videos yet. I have some, just not enough to send that you would thoroughly enjoy them. Tell Aunt Joanne thank you for her letters. They are all very awesome!
Also tell Chris and Summer that since they have RISK in Angola, Iºll have time to practice... therefore, in two years, there will be no mercy for any of you. »:D

 Well, my email time is just about up. Sorry I missed you guys. I'll be back next week on Monday. We usually get out of the temple and start email at about 9 30, but when we do initiatories, its more like 830 or 9. Well, I'll write you all soon. Tell Taylor Whitmill and Colin Mayo to hurry up and pick up the pace! And to Spencer Horman: give him something yummy, and also tell him that some crazy French-speaking elder thinks that he and his friend are good at Super Smash 64 or something. I have chastized him about this since.
Eu amo vocês, membros de minha familía. Têm bom experiências. Eu escreverei mais para vocês.
Elder Alex Hobbs

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