Monday, April 9, 2012

Audio Messages From Elder Hobbs

 Ola família!

Agora, eu acho que eu vou poder de attacher meus vozs. Vocês vão ouvir sobre isso esta vez! Eu não sei sobre as photográfias, mas, eu vou tentar.

   Well, dad, I understand what people say to me most of the time. I can understand them about 75%. My speaking, however needs some work. We don't always get a lot of time to practice in the morning, so study time falls a lot. Things are great here though! We baptised Cecilia, and Satiro is set up to be baptised this month. He stopped taking our lessons for a while, and missed church. We later found out that he "gave into temptation" had drank some beer with friends, and was too ashamed to talk with us. We told him that he could always repent, and that with work, his baptismal date was still valid.
   With food, things have been improving. We got permission to use the generator at home, and city power is slowly coming back. The President of Angola owns everything here, except for the two phone companies, which are owned by his daughters. He made an announcement that if the power problems in Luanda weren't fixed by July, he would hire European companies instead of Angolan ones, so we'll see how that goes.
   Mom, I'm going to try to attach a picture of the Weggelands on here to show you proof that I'm getting fed! haha. Things are great here guys. I love it. My companion is much happier these days, and we get in around 21 lessons every week. It rocks! Also, we eat pizza made by a real Italian each p day! It is delicious, but costs 2100 kwz per pizza! so worth it though when we get paid 600 dollars every month. right now, I have 300$ in my account. We can pretty much buy anything we need, so we're good.
   We found a mail place that MIGHT allow us to send and recieve hand written letters. Cross your fingers!
   Owen, wanna know something cool? The old women here that sell stuff on the street sides use MOLOTOV COCKTAILS as candles! Way sick right? Also, You see people on their porches cutting up meat with machetes. I've decided that I'm going to buy one (yes, it is possible to buy one. You can actually buy AK47s too, but I think US customs would confiscate it ;) )
   I love you guys. I hope you can see the stuff I attach.

Love, Elder Alex Hobbs

Below are some links to download recorded messages from Alex.  Click on the gray button that says "Download This File", then type in the code seen, then click "download now". 

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